Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hey... It's Cindy..I thought I'd start a new Blog. I sort of just quit writing last winter. Right before the end of winter, about the same time as my "seasonal affective disorder" was at it's worst, a young man that I knew was in a horrible accident that cost him His life. The driver of the car was another kid that I considered mine. Before that, in the fall, God took one of my Angels to Heaven and gave her wings. In May the tornado destroyed a big part of our community. Six of our Angels lost their lives.

In the past, writing has helped me through the bad times. I just couldn't. I would stare at the  screen, and nothing. Of course, when the screen on my laptop broke, and the charging port didn't want to work, that didn't help. Writing on my Kindle is not so easy...but then when it was stolen, it got harder to do. I did get a new Kindle and upgraded to the 8" model.  I bought a book from Amazon called Creative Writing Strategies: Writing Exercises. And so here I am. I thought that maybe here...I can just pretend that this is my Writer's Notebook and here I will practice my craft. Oh by the way...Writer's Notebook is something I learned in Jr High.