Sunday, November 6, 2016

Politics ....ARRRGH....State Questions Oklahoma

I wrote this for my other blog, but I just felt that I wanted to repeat it here. I don't argue politics as I get too anxious and I don't feel I can speak intelligently about the issues. I know what I feel and where my heart is. So I keep most of my ideas and feelings to myself. I just had to say this. All the fighting and negativity is driving me crazy. We have so many important decisions to make this election and I want to do my best.

I really hate politics. I just want the two sides to honestly lay out what they are selling and then just let us make a decision. With the Presidential Election throwing around so much negativity, we don't even know what our State Questions mean.

There is so much negativity. When we are teaching our children about our most important right of this country...The Right To Vote...all they see is a bunch of adults acting like neanderthals. I started to say children, but our children may be immature, they are not cruel, nasty people. They have to be feeling the effects of all the stress that this election is bringing to their parents, grandparents, teachers...well all the adults in their lives. But enough about the negativity and visceral that surrounds our elections.

The media doesn't think that we are smart enough to look at the issues and make up our own minds. They prejudice the news that they are suppose to be reporting. When this happens, it brings out the worst in all of the candidates. And the candidates play right into that. They in return quit focusing on the issues. We get no real answers on how they will lead our country. I just want it all to stop,

Now having gotten that rant out of my system, I want to say how confused I am about our State Questions. I know I am not informed enough to vote on State Question 777. I also want to say that the people that is most affected by this law are the farmers. So my questions are what percentage of the population are farmers? Why would the rest of the State even know how this affects their lives and businesses. Wouldn't this question be left up to them?  I hope that they know what is best for the state. I want to do best for those that would be affected.I think the rest of the questions, I can make a good choice. It's just this one that I am worried that my vote will not be the right one.

Did I say that I hate politics? Well I hope everyone of you get out and vote. Do what ever you can to make the best decisions for you and your family! Don't forget that it is your right and it is completely anonymous. It is also your right not to tell anyone the way you voted. In fact, it is considered rude to ask someone how they voted.