Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oh, Where Has The Writing Gone? Sat January 11, 2014

I love to write my thoughts down. I have opinions on just about everything, and writing them down is how I express those opinions. So why have I gone almost a year without writing more than a few words.

First of all this past year has given me plenty of material to write. Keeping up with everything that has gone bad or good is almost impossible. I guess the reason I have been reluctant, is that is is so personal. Another word to describe it is SAD...just plain sad. I suppose writing about it would make it too real and I would have to examine and actually feel the pain.

Although the past year we have seen the worst in people, we have also seen the best. When you feel that the human race is so past redemption and there is no salvation for it, it turns and compassion, empathy, sympathy, goodness abound. Stories of the love we have for each other come forth and we see why God hasn't discarded us after all.

Even though it is almost the middle of January already, I am going to make this resolution. Writing everyday? No, that is a great goal, but a more realistic goal will be 3 times a week. I hope that I write everyday, but maybe if I try really hard, I can at least get close to my goal. What will I write about? My day? Hmmm well I am sure that no one wants to hear about my almost boring life, but sometimes I do have some interesting things happen...Hello I am a teacher at a Junior High. You can't get more Drama if you tried. I think that since I am trying to learn to write more creatively, and some day write true short stories (not TRUE Stories, just fiction ones that some one would actually want to read) and maybe a novel, I will be doing writing exercises.

So this is Saturday and if I keep my resolution, I will be back at least 2 times to share more ramblings and stories of my life.